Welcome to the Transit Family! We’ve tried to make Transit App as intuitive as possible, but we know that sometimes we all need a little help. On this page you’ll find answers to some of the questions we receive most frequently. Happy travels!

What is this app?

We bring together transit information from around the world into one app. We can help you plan routes and find schedules for all kinds of transportation, from buses, subways and trams to Uber, car2go or bike share!

Oh, so kinda like Google Maps?

Unlike Google Maps, we’re designed for the daily commute — Transit will show you the departure times for routes you use every day, without a single tap. And if you’re going somewhere new, we can plan your route for you as well!

How do I use Transit App?

Transit App wants to help you find the transit options that are closest to you! Your location is shown as the blue dot on the map, and the feed below the map shows nearby transit options and countdowns to the next departure, sorted by proximity. You can tap on each route for more options (route maps, schedules, and more), explore by panning the map, search for different locations, or tap on the arrow next to the search bar to let us plan your trip.

I can only see one direction of my bus/train! When is it coming in the other direction?

You can swipe left or right on each route in the nearby transit feed to show different directions of the route. Transit will even remember your preferred direction the next time you use the app in this location!

How accurate are the countdowns?

All our schedule and real-time data comes directly from the transit agencies, so our information is only as accurate as what the agencies provide. While we would love to be able to provide perfect real-time information about arrival times everywhere we operate, not all vehicles are equipped with GPS, and unfortunately we don’t quite have the budget to upgrade all the buses in the world.

With that in mind — countdowns accompanied by pulsing waves are real-time predictions based on data from the transit agency. If not, you’ll see scheduled times.

My bus didn’t come when your app said it would!

We don’t work for the transit agencies so the app can only be as accurate as the information they provide. If you notice that the information provided by your agency differs from what you see in the app, please let us know, as this might be a bug. If there’s no discrepancy, we would highly suggest trying to contact the agency to let them know about your issue as they’re better placed to look into it.

Does the vehicle icon in the route map indicate the actual location?

Tap on the vehicle icon to see whether the location is a calculated location based on the schedule or a real-time location based on GPS data from the agency. If it is GPS-based, you’ll see how long ago the location information was updated, and you can watch your bus approaching in the map in real time! Otherwise, it will display “Calculated location”.

I have to scroll through lots of transit routes before I get to the one I use every day :(

You can make sure to see routes you use frequently at the top of your list by making them favourites — select the route in the list and then tap on the star icon, and your favourite lines will always show up first when they are nearby.

Can I save my home and office into the app?

Yes! To add saved locations, first enter the address in the search bar. Tapping on the correct search result will bring up a list of options. Tap “Add to Favorites” to choose a label and an icon for the address and add it to your saved locations. You can save an infinite number of places!

Wait, Uber and bike share aren’t public transit. What’s the deal?

We know that sometimes, the bus or subway just isn’t the best way of getting where you need to be. That’s why we’ve incorporated bike and car share networks, as well as Uber. You can use the app to unlock cars or bikes in your area, or call a driver to come pick you up! Not interested in using these services? Like all transit modes we support, you can disable them in Options.

Where’s my hometown?

The world is a big place, with a lot of transit agencies that we can't all add at once. As well, we rely on open data to obtain the transit schedules we use, and unfortunately not all agencies provide it for their services. You can check our wishlist to submit a request for your system and vote for the ones you care about. They may show up sooner than you think!

You didn’t answer my question!

Visit the settings page of the app to send us an email so we can help you out!