When are you going to support my city?

For us to add your city to Transit, it needs to have its transit data opened up as public GTFS feed. The GTFS Data Exchange website provides a non-official list of GTFS feeds that exist. If your city doesn't seem to have one, get in touch with your local representatives about opening up transit data. See also our Open Transit Data Guidelines.

If it does have one, it's only a matter of time before we add it to Transit. Check back here once in a while as we're giving ETAs on cities we're working on. There are several ways to stay in touch about new city releases:

Does Transit use real-time schedule data?

Yes, where it's available. You'll know a route is using real-time schedules when there's a little pulsing wave next to its schedule timer. We usually add real-time support as soon as it's available. If you see routes or feeds that don't use real-time schedules, there are good chances it's because the transit agency hasn't opened up that data to developers yet. Check out our supported regions page to see which transit agency has real-time schedules available.

Where's the refresh button?

We believe good apps don't have refresh buttons. Apps should take care of refreshing data for the user whenever appropriate. Transit automatically refreshes the Nearby screen every 20 minutes or on location changes of more than 150 m (~500 ft). Refreshes only occur if Transit is able to locate you with enough accuracy.