Some parts of Transit will soon require a paid subscription. You deserve to know why. Over the past eight years we’ve grown from two people hacking on Transit, to a team of 60 designers, developers, data scientists, and transit wonks.

Together, we make sure your app is super reliable, super fast, super fun to use.

We spend all day talking with transit agencies to hunt down better data sources. Fixing broken transit data. Tweaking algorithms that predict when your buses and trains will show up. Designing features to make Transit ever-so-imperceptibly better.

This all takes time, money, resources.

We’ve experimented with different ways to make money, so we can continue funding Transit. We’ve started selling tickets in several cities, for starters. But at the moment, it’s not enough to support our work.

Which puts us in the position of figuring out how to sustain Transit for the long haul. We never considered pursuing the money-making strategy of many free apps — blasting you with distracting ads, selling your data to the highest bidder — making you our product, rather than our customer. We think that’s wrong.

Instead we’d rather be honest with you and explain why we’re requiring a paid upgrade to use certain Transit features. It’s not a decision we made lightly, but it does let us continue to work on Transit without sacrificing app quality. Ensuring we can keep working for you, not someone else.

The kinda-good-news: we think Transit subscriptions are affordable. For users that truly cannot pay? We’re offering a limited number of free subscriptions — just send us an email and ask.

Moreover, core features of Transit will always be free, so you know when your next ride is coming. Which is important: we’re trying our best to bring Transit to its full potential, funded by people who find Transit valuable, while keeping crucial parts of Transit available to those who need it most.

We hope you understand, and that you’ll support our team. With your help, we can keep fighting for you, so you never miss a bus or train again.

Onwards 🚆

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