Responding to COVID-19: Compare changes in rider demand across cities and see how transit agencies are responding to coronavirus

Helping agencies respond to coronavirus

We’re constantly receiving updates from agencies about how they’re responding to coronavirus, and sharing that critical information with riders.



How are transit agencies responding?

In addition to updating riders, we’re maintaining a public database so transit agencies can compare notes and learn how everyone is keeping workers and the public safe.


Want to see it all in one place? View the complete spreadsheet with details from dozens of agencies.

Who's riding transit
during the pandemic?

Public transit is a critical service. But who’s riding? We surveyed more than 25,000 users to learn about rider demographics, why they’re travelling, and how they’ve changed their travel patterns.

See what we found

Updates from
105 agencies
and counting

COVID-19 policy responses
What are the agencies we surveyed doing about fares?
Eliminating fares
Reducing fare enforcement
Pass reimbursement
No planned modifications
Percentage of surveyed agencies

Fare policy
Suspending, eliminating, or reimbursing fares
Front-line interactions
Reducing contact between front-line staff and the public
Paratransit and microtransit
Limiting passengers per vehicle and expanding on-demand service
Communication to riders
Using social media, service alerts, in-app messages, and more
Vehicle sanitation
Improved cleaning and protections for bus operators

Changed your schedules?

If your agency has modified schedules and updated its GTFS: we’re noting the changes automatically. Your schedule changes will be reflected in the app within a few hours, at most.

If your agency is running service at reduced “Saturday/Sunday” frequencies and hasn’t yet updated its GTFS: our team can manually update your schedules. Just let us know.

Get info to riders instantly

When you update your service alerts feed, we relay this info to riders immediately. Users who subscribe to alerts on their favourite lines get a notification instantly.

Transit agencies (even those that aren’t an official Transit Partner) can use our service alerts dashboard to send notifications straight to riders’ phones — at the “system-wide” or “line-by-line” and even the “stop-by-stop” level. Email our team and we’ll set you up right away.

And one more for the road: we’ve now added support for real-time crowding information, so you can let riders know if they’re better off waiting for the next bus.

How riders are helping

People are staying home to limit the spread of the virus. But that means transit agencies are experiencing steep declines in farebox revenue. Which is why they need emergency relief funding.

More than 5,000 Transit users have already reached out to their elected officials in support of transit agencies during the crisis.

We all need public transit. And public transit needs our help.