Responding to COVID-19: Compare changes in rider demand across cities and see how transit agencies are responding to coronavirus

How coronavirus
is disrupting public transit

Demand by time of day

Real-time demand for public transit has dropped in cities across the globe. We measure how often our users look up transit information. You can see how those daily patterns have changed.

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Demand for public transit by time of day

* We take “100 percent” here as peak demand on a normal day.

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Change in demand

Public transit has experienced drops in demand across the board, while continuing to be a lifeline for those who must travel. You can use this chart to compare changes in different places.

Change in public transit demand

COVID-19 resources for transit agencies

How is your agency responding? Share information for Transit to communicate with riders, and compare notes with other agencies using our public database.

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Who's riding transit
during the pandemic?

Public transit is a critical service. But who’s riding? We surveyed more than 25,000 users to learn about rider demographics, why they’re travelling, and how they’ve changed their travel patterns.

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About the data

These aren’t ridership figures — only transit agencies themselves can give official ridership stats. But we can use the frequency of Transit app opens as a rough proxy for demand across our supported cities.

We compare actual usage of the app, to projected use of the app based on last year’s numbers (adjusted for annual growth) to measure how far we are from “normal.” You can compare these numbers across different cities and agencies.

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