Research and Analytics Lead

Montreal, Canada

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Millions of users. Billions of trips. Trillions of bits of delicious data. We’re looking for someone to take all those bits—to tell stories about Transit. How are users interacting with our app? Where are they getting lost? What new features are working, and which ones aren’t?

The discoveries you make and the data-backed stories you tell will directly influence the direction of Transit. What is the next feature we’ll build? What is the next business opportunity we’ll pursue? What key parts of the app are under-utilized, and how can we make them better?

If your brain is wired for cities, if playing with data gives you a dopamine rush, and if improving one of the world’s most highly-used navigation apps would make you feel fulfilled at the end of each day, this job is for you. You’ll be trusted to reach elegant, simple conclusions from our big black box of user data, complemented by in-app and in-person research.



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