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Montreal, Canada

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Android is sweet. And not just because of version names like “Oreo”, “Marshmallow” or “Lollipop”. Where other OSes can feel like an all-inclusive resort (surrounded by barbed wire fences), Android still feels refreshingly open. One part “rolling vista”, one part “anarchist utopia”. And at the centre of paradise? Well, there’s you.

At Transit, you’ll be in charge of making our Android app prettier and smoother than a Renaissance sculpture. While our iOS devs are busy monkeying around with Animojis (or however else they spend their time) you’ll be optimizing our Android performance, developing butter-smooth transitions, and aligning pixels like the Donatello of Material Design.

Who are you? You know the ins-and-outs of the Android SDK like a Java-savvy surgeon. When you shake a magic 8-ball, it says “design awards are in your future.” When your therapist asks what would make you happy, you say a better Google Maps SDK… though you’d settle for better transition APIs.

Some examples of projects you'd tackle at Transit:

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We believe in the importance of an inclusive and diverse team. We welcome people of all ages, genders, ethnicities, orientations and backgrounds to apply.

How to apply: Send your resume, GitHub account (if you have one) and why you want to work at Transit to: