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French-Language Copywriter and User Support

Montreal, Canada

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Imagine being a copywriter at a Parisian startup. Where your CEO must make a ritual sacrifice to the Académie Française each day (involving something called “pain au chocolat”?), hoping that their company won’t go bankrupt, because one of your blog posts broke some obscure and inflexible grammar rule — whereby all the executives were sentenced to ten years hard labour.

Lucky for us, we’re Montréalers. Where sunlight beams in from the windows. Serious meetings are interrupted by belly-laughs. Fresh espresso is served up hot. There’s smiles. Bicycle parking. A bonfire on the balcony filled with discarded tophats, Louboutins, Bescherelles, and €2,000-per-bedroom leases. Okay… maybe not the bonfire.

Whether you’re from Gatineau, Brossard, or the Bateau-Lavoir: we’re looking for a copywriter who can switch-hit, no bowtie required! You’ll be joining Transit’s user support team, helping our French-speaking riders (Montréalers, Parisians, Trifluviens, Strasbourgeois, Very Nice People, etc.) get around their cities without their own car. Your weekly copywriting duties will have you translating + filing original copy with flair, while your day-to-day will have you answering emails and tweets from users with characteristic empathy.

Because we don’t have offices in our 200+ supported cities (besides Montreal), our users play a key role in alerting us to issues. Answering that one gruff email can often help solve issues for hundreds — or thousands! — of irritated users, who were too busy to whinge at us. Doing so with graciousness and empathy, you’ll win over hearts and minds, giving our users renewed trust in public transit at a time when it’s desperately needed. But while one-to-one support interactions will occupy the bulk of your day, you’ll also be called upon to be our in-house Proust (slash Simone de Beauvoir?) when we need to message our millions of French riders en masse.

If urbanism is your jam, and helping others is your marmelade, this is a perfect opportunity to hone your copy chops. It doesn’t matter if it’s a two-word button, fifty-word email, or 1,000-word blog post: you’ll be expected to file copy that makes every reader smile. Yes… even grumpy Édouard from le 16ème, and persnickety Mami in Westmount!

A note on diversity

Public transit is used by overwhelmingly more women and people of colour than other modes of transportation. We try to make sure the diversity of our users is reflected in the team that serves them. Because when we include people of all races, genders, sexual orientations, ages, and identities — we end up building a better app for everyone who uses Transit.

So if your lived experience has given you a unique perspective on all things transportation, mobility, accessibility, urbanism? Let us know, and we’ll make sure your application gets the attention it merits.

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What you’ll do (comms side)...

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Ready to apply?

To help us get to know you and your style a bit better, we’d love it if, at the end of your cover letter, you included “test answers” to the following three questions. If you don’t speak the language perfectly, that’s okay! Let us know how confident you are in the language, then play around with Google Translate to write a response that seems to make sense.

  1. Je tiens à vous informer que votre application n’est pas du tout à jour. Cela fait plusieurs jours que je rate des bus. Je ne suis vraiment pas satisfaite, ça me cause des retards pour arriver au travail.
  2. I believe that you guys should let people with no data or WiFi use your app offline because there are a lot of people out there that don't have access to the internet when they are outside.
  3. Llevo mucho tiempo esperando el autobús. Tu aplicación dijo que tenía que llegar hace 45 minutos, ¡pero aún no hay un autobús a la vista! Mis dedos están congelados y llegaré tarde al trabajo. ¡Tus horarios están podridos! Actualizalos o les diré a todos que tu aplicación miente.

We’d also love if you could attach a piece of your own writing (in French) that you’re particularly proud of that’s punchy, funny, engaging, and generally a delight to read. It doesn’t have to match Transit’s voice exactly, and the subject matter and length are up to you, but we have one requirement: we shouldn’t feel bored reading it!

Send your writing sample and answers to the prompts to us at [email protected] along with a resume and a quick summary of who you are. We look forward to meeting you!