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Data Analyst

Montreal, Canada

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Did you know that Canadian Thanksgiving and American Thanksgiving are sometime 3 weeks apart and sometimes 6? Or that Journée nationale des patriotes in Quebec and Patriots Day in Boston are completely unrelated? But, more importantly, did you ever wonder how transit ridership, app usage, and ticket sales are dependent on your knowledge of these facts?

We have so many questions. How is ticketing doing in Cincinnati? What kinds of users are just browsing vs buying? Why do Australian users check the app more often and what does that mean for their other behavior? How much value are we providing our partners? Which markets should we enter next? What is our adoption in Baltimore and how much did our endorsement by the MTA influence it?

The discoveries you make and the data-backed stories you tell will directly influence the direction of Transit. What is the next business opportunity we’ll pursue? What first-mile last-mile service just launched but isn’t being discovered? How many users can we expect to use the app next month? Next year?

If your brain is wired for cities, if analyzing data gives you a dopamine rush, and if improving one of the world’s most highly-used navigation apps would make you feel fulfilled at the end of each day, this job is for you. You’ll be trusted to reach elegant, simple conclusions from our big black box of user data, complemented by in-app, in-person, and external research.



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