Responding to COVID-19: Compare changes in rider demand across cities and see how transit agencies are responding to coronavirus

Data Scientist

Montreal, Canada

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Oh my god we’ve got so much data. What neighbourhoods are people are booking trips from? Which ones are they headed to? What modes are they taking… how rational are their trip-taking choices… and oh wait if we suggested a bikeshare-to-train trip in lieu of the bus, would that have prevented them from taking a taxi? Transit network planners would weep at having the data you’ll have access to. You will be tasked with teasing meaning and insight out of all that data to give our riders a better mobile experience — and to help our agency & operator partners deliver better service, on the ground.

Put two and two together: with better informed riders, and data-informed fleets, you’ll be luring people out of cars (!) and helping them discover equally fast but more sustainable transport.

But you won’t just jump into our messy pool of data. You’ll be able to make a manmade lake of it, replete with fountains and waterslides and jetskis. You’ll draw insights from existing data sources like Amplitude and other databases, improve the way we collect and structure our data, test all the hypotheses okay not all the hypotheses, create forecasts with that data, make data-informed suggestions to the product team (where are we losing people? what features are only rarely used?), and talk data with our partners. Since we’re not a giant company, you’ll get to determine how we package the data that partners care about — in a way that makes the most sense, and that most greatly improves service.

If your brain is wired for cities, if organizing data gives you a dopamine rush, and if improving one of the world’s most highly-used navigation apps would make you feel like a QUEEN at the end of each day, this job is for you. You’ll be trusted to reach elegant, simple conclusions from our big black box of user data, complemented by in-app and in-person research.


Over time we’ll be hiring 2 people for this role. Right now we’re looking for someone who has some of the skills on this list — but if you’re more on the ML/stats/techniques side and aren’t so hardcore with data engineering (or vice versa) we still want to hear from you. If you’re talented, we’ll find the Robin to your Batman.

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We believe in the importance of an inclusive and diverse team. We welcome people of all ages, genders, ethnicities, orientations and backgrounds to apply. If you want to specify which pronouns you use, please let us know in your application message.

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