Accountant (aka Mr./Ms. Moneybags)

Montreal, Canada

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As a child, we all fought over Monopoly pieces. Who was going to be the dog? The top hat? The racecar? The thimble? But you… you couldn’t care less. As long as you got to be the banker ;)

Now you’re older. Wiser. Financially savvy. But still employing those hard-earned Monopoly lessons. Your financial forecasts of projected cash flow now involve real money with real stakes. Your preternatural ability to save (and deploy capital) with perfect timing? It’s given you your livelihood. One that pays more than $200—without even passing GO.

Now we’re looking to hire you (or someone like you!) to balance the books at Transit. You’ll be helping us with payroll, applying for grants, preparing budgets and reports and forecasts, while definitely not stashing away pilfered booty in a Bermudan pirate ship. Familiarity with startup finances is a plus, but if you’ve sharpened your skills at a big accounting firm, you can probably learn on the job.

Here’s what we need on your end:




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We believe in the importance of an inclusive and diverse team. We welcome people of all ages, genders, ethnicities, orientations and backgrounds to apply.

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