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Graphic designer (web)

Montreal, Canada

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You believe design is at the heart of everything. That just a few milliseconds after the Big Bang happened, Design happened. Your friends say you complain about everything all the time, but your inner self knows it's just Fine Design Critique™. After all, you know good design makes everyone's life easier, and it's that sense of devotion that makes you love your job so damn much.

We’re looking for a web designer that puts the Hallelujah in “HTML” and who knows CSS stands for “crisssssement-bon style sheets”. You’ll help make our website a point of pride — Transit is known for being a pioneer in app design, but we’ll be honest… our website could use some love! (And that love is your love.)

About 60% of your time will be dedicated to working on web properties like our website, informational in-app banners, and newsletters that keep our partners in the loop about important goings-on at Transit.

The other 40%? You’ll be entrusted to help develop and manage Transit’s brand identity. As a design-first company it’s important when anyone encounters Transit — whether it’s the CEO of a transit agency, a transit researcher, or a curious user — that our “designery-ness” shines through. Decks, reports, product launches, social media images? No task is too small.

Ideally: you love the idea of working at Transit because you’ll be surrounded by excellent designers who will help you elevate your craft. But more than just honing your Figma/Sketch skills, you’ll also have the chance to make cities more wonderful places to live in. Because Transit is more than an app — we’re advocates for sustainable transportation and better urban design in 300+ cities. We can’t wait for you to join the cause!

📝 Responsibilities

Web design (60%)

Other stuff (40%)

✅ Requirements

💯 Would be nice if…

Don’t feel like all the requirements apply to you but you still think you’d be a great fit for Transit? Don’t hesitate to apply!

💰 Compensation and benefits

$60,000 - $75,000 per year, based on experience

👨‍💻 A note on diversity

Public transit is used by overwhelmingly more women and people of colour than other modes of transportation. We try to make sure the diversity of our users is reflected in the team that serves them. Because when we include people of all races, genders, sexual orientations, ages, and identities — we end up building a better app for everyone who uses Transit.

We encourage candidates of all ages, genders, origins and orientations to apply. If you’d like to specify which pronouns you’d like to be referred to, feel free to include that in your application email.

And if your lived experience has given you a unique perspective on all things transportation, mobility, accessibility, urbanism? Let us know, and we’ll make sure your application gets the attention it merits.

📬 How to apply

Transit is a "let me teach you how to do that" kind of work environment. And we’re excited to have you join it. Ready to apply? Shoot us an email at [email protected] with a quick summary of who you are and some projects you’re proud to have worked on. We look forward to meeting you!

PS: When you apply, let us know how you heard about the position! Whispers, grapevines, middle-of-the-night Google searches? We’re dying to know.