Static Data Engineer

Montreal, Canada

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Data is our oil. You’re the genius pipeline builder. Millions of people rely on Transit’s data to get around their city. They come to us to plan trips, check arrival times, negotiate transit schedules, dodge disruptions, and more. From buses and trains to bikeshares and scooters, you’ll be tasked with distilling our partners’ sometimes messy (and sometimes, downright illogical) data feeds into something pure and refreshing. Like a glass of raspberry lemonade on a perfect summer’s day.

You’ll build automated tools to help us fetch, clean, merge, compress, enhance, and, ultimately, perfect our data. People in 175+ cities will rely on your algorithms to get from A to B. When you screw up, someone might miss their bus or train. But when you succeed in taming that wildly buggy data feed into one that’s reliably right—when you see the bus turn the corner just as Transit says “ETA: 0 minutes”—it will be so glorious you’ll hear Beethoven blasting from the clouds.



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We believe in the importance of an inclusive and diverse team. We welcome people of all ages, genders, ethnicities, orientations and backgrounds to apply.

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