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Montreal, Canada

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All that gas. All those parking spots. All those barely-utilized, single-occupant metal cages cars, cluttering up our cities. That’s why you work undercover, as your city’s one-person public transportation propaganda machine: explaining why it’s hard for the bus driver to stay on schedule (all those dang cars! and yet so little agency funding!), extolling the virtues of being car-free to any friend that will listen, and regularly bragging about your Transit GO stats. “Wow. This person must be fun at parties,” they might tease. But isn’t every ride on the bus a party, de facto?

Okay, down to serious biz-niz. Because at Transit, that’s what we do: we’re partnered with over 50 transit agencies around the world, including some of the biggest, like the MBTA, STM, etc. As part of our Partner Success team, you’ll work with these partners to keep them happy — providing onboarding, responding to comments and concerns and suggestions, championing their voice within Transit. In a single week, you might launch a new partner city, put out a fire (digitally) if a disruption snags a system, troubleshoot GTFS data issues, and communicate all sorts of info to riders. From the most basic feature, to superuser tap-shaving tips. You’ll be on the phones, on the emails, on the planes (for the occasional conference) building close relationships with partners, riders, and across different Transit teams.




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Transit believes in a diverse and inclusive work environment, and we encourage candidates of all ages, genders, origins and orientations to apply. If you’d like to specify which pronouns you’d like to be referred to with, please include that in your application email.

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