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You considered building your own app but recognize that technology companies can do it better. That’s why you opened up your data. Dozens of apps are now using it. But how do you guarantee that your riders are getting the right information in the best possible way? You partner with Transit, that’s how.

Happier Riders

Ultimately, not all transit apps are created equal. Too much choice can be as bad as no choice. By guiding your customers to our app, you’ll guarantee that they have a better transit experience. After all, why shouldn’t an agency have editorial power?


Not only do we update your GTFS data daily, but if anything goes wrong, we’re here to support both you and your customers. We can also integrate a custom section for your agency, enabling riders to contact you directly through our app.

The Data You Want

How many people check real-time data every day? Did your marketing campaign drive more downloads? Where are your riders planning A-to-B trips? Your custom dashboard helps you get to know your riders better.

Helpful Tools

Push service alerts to riders to inform them of disruptions, and track how many people received the message. Add our Next Departures Widget to your homepage so your customers can see when their ride is coming.

MBTA’s Favorite App

Transit was chosen unanimously by the selection board as the most useful app for MBTA riders in Boston.

Partnering with Transit ensures that our customers will have an easy and convenient way to provide feedback which helps the MBTA continue to improve its service.

Brian Shortsleeve

General Manager, MBTA

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Want to learn more? Curious about how many of your riders use Transit every day? Contact our Partnerships team. Hint: it’s more than you think.