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BC Transit Kelowna 13 bus Stop List and Next Departures

The BC Transit Kelowna 13 - Quail Ridge bus serves {count_of_stops} bus stops in the Kelowna area departing from {first_stop} and ending at {last_stop}. Scroll down to see upcoming 13 bus times at each stop and the next scheduled 13 bus times will be displayed. The full 13 bus schedule as well as real-time departures (if available) can be found in the Transit app.

BC Transit Kelowna Quail Ridge map

The BC Transit Kelowna 13 - Quail Ridge bus route map is shown above. The route map shows you an overview of all the stops served by the BC Transit Kelowna 13 bus to help you plan your trip on BC Transit Kelowna. Opening the app will allow you to see more detailed information about the route on a map including stop specific alerts, such as stops that have been closed or moved. You can also see the location of vehicles in real-time on the route map so you know when the 13 bus is approaching your stop.

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BC Transit Kelowna 13 bus Service Alerts

Open the Transit app to see more information about any active disruptions that may impact the 13 bus schedule, such as detours, moved stops, trip cancellations, major delays, or other service changes to the bus route. The app also allows you to subscribe to receive notifications for any service alert issued by BC Transit Kelowna so that you can plan your trip around any active or future disruptions.

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BC Transit Kelowna 13 bus Service Frequency

The next 13 bus leaves {first_stop} at {first_stop_first_time}, and arrives at {last_stop} at {last_stop_first_time}. You can see the frequency of upcoming trips and the exact departure times by opening the Transit app.

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BC Transit Kelowna 13 bus On-Time Performance

Want to know whether the BC Transit Kelowna 13 bus arrives on time? Open the Transit app and view user generated on-time performance reports for the 13 bus. You can also contribute your own reports on whether your trip arrived on time, late or early. As these on-time performance stats are user reported, they may differ from official BC Transit Kelowna metrics.

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BC Transit Kelowna 13 bus FAQ

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