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Transit URL Scheme

If you're a developer, you can use our URL scheme to make your app launch Transit and show nearby routes or get directions for a particular location.

Get Directions
descriptionget transit directions between 2 locations
parametersfrom: latitude-longitude pair or location string of origin
to: latitude-longitude pair or location string of destination
notesLeaving out a parameter will use the user's current location.
User's current location is taken into account when geocoding address strings.
Query strings are only supported in Transit 2.0+
Show Nearby Routes
descriptionshow nearby transit routes for a location
parametersq: latitude-longitude pair or location string to fetch nearby routes for

Open Transit Data Guidelines

Quality GTFS feeds not only make our job easier but also will make your riders happier. You can ensure the quality of your GTFS data by following the official GTFS Specification as well as the GTFS Best Practices.