We asked users to rate their rides. They ratted out their furry friends. 

Bye bye, car keys

Carless city-dwellers flock to Transit. When they need a car in a pinch? There’s you. Make it easy for millions to discover, book, and pay.

Find new customers

Meet people where
they’re at

You have cars. Our riders don’t. Let them find you in the app they use for everyday commuting.

Simple booking

Remove the obstacles
for customers

Rider ready to book? Now they have to search for your app. Download it. Crawl through all the sign-up screens. Don’t lose the trip: with their Transit account, they can book and pay with a couple taps.


Be a multimodal lifesaver

A rider is faced with a 30-minute walk to the stop. You can help them get there faster. When riders plan a trip, they’ll see how much time you’d save them — then book and pay for a ride, with the press of a button.


Find the right eyeballs

Launching a new service? New market? Need to get the word out? Find locals, tourists and commuters on their way to work, right at their bus stop. Our riders want the fastest way across town. We’ll show them where you can help.


For your own set of wheels

Public transport far away? Ridehail ETAs too long? Don’t worry: we show nearby carshares on our map. Letting riders reserve and unlock their ride, no keys required.

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